take control of your GAME FISH licensing


License Generation

The license application screen is the heart of the NAGFA system. Within this area:

  • Control the licenses that you want to issue as it relates to seasonality. 
  • Have your costs generate automatically according to predetermined rates and applicant status. 
  • Vendors simply click on the available license that the applicant desires. The system is virtually fool proof.

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Eligibility Verification

The initial screen is used for verification of an applicant's status. During this process, the issuance clerk will enter either a driver’s license number or an enrollment number. Doing so will:

  • Search the database and verify that the applicant doesn’t already have a license.
  • The applicant does not have any convictions in tribal court.
  • The hunter has not submitted their harvest reports for previous years. 

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The NAGFA system provides the data compliance that officers require in the field.

  • This report will contain all permits purchased by the sportsman, regardless of date or location of purchase.
  • Game Wardens can download current data from any internet connection in seconds. This will allow them unprecedented access to up-to-the minute licensing information.
  • Compliance numbers can search the database for names, license numbers, or any other information that is captured during license generation.

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Wildlife Management

With the NAGFA™ system, report cards are generated automatically. This eliminates the hassle of sending them out at a later date. They can either be entered online or manually by your staff. In either case your biologist will received timely and accurate information when addressing wildlife issues.

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The reporting capabilities of the NAGFA system will enhance your ability to make sound management decisions:

  • Enter game violations to track repeat offenders.
  • With the NAGFA system you will be able to generated unlimited reports that will assist you and your staff in making sound management decisions.
  • Generate licenses and enter report cards on line or enter manually.

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